Wednesday, January 23, 2013

like clockwork

Raleigh's newest watering hole, Clockwork, is certainly quenching my thirst. 

Clockwork, Glenwood South

My first time there was actually just a few days before 2013.  

I went with a group of friends and had no idea where we were going, but after walking in I knew I was experiencing something special. 

Vanessa loves this place too!

It's a small lounge with a big city feel.  I was only there for a few seconds before I went ahead and labeled it as one of my new favorite hang out spots.

This place shines.

Now, just a few weeks later, I've already been back a handful of times. 
(I'm was actually named the "mayor" of Clockwork according the Foursquare!)

Monet and Me
In addition to delicious drinks, they also have a small menu with lite bites like pizza and such.  Something I need to check out next time.

First time at Clockwork!

I look forward to enjoying many more evenings at Raleigh's newest little gem.  

Celebrating New Years with Vanessa

I can see myself becoming a regular.  I'm already there... like clockwork


  1. I want to go to Clockwork!! Looks fabulous!! Great post Linnie! Miss you!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I truly love your blog -- that's how I stay fashionable hehe ... Keep up the good work!



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