Monday, November 19, 2012

TRAVEL: The Best of Seattle

It's been an amazing week here in Seattle, but like all good things (specifically vacations and weekend getaways)... they must come to an end.  However, the good news is that I have tons of fabulous memories I plan to cherish until my next trip to Emerald City.

Here are just a handful of my favorite spots I had the chance to check out this time around:


If shopping were a sport I would win a gold medal.  The best shopping is downtown, and let's just say I spent a good chunk of my time running around the city, soaking up the latest west coast trends.

Did you know Seattle's home to the very first Nordstrom?  

Perhaps that's where my love for the department store began... My Grandmother used to take me there (pretty regularly) when I was little.  It's a staple for all the local fashionistas.

The original Nordstrom [photo credit]

I also enjoy Sway and Cake.  It's a super cute local boutique featured in tons of fashion mags like Lucky.

Sneak peek inside Sway and Cake [photo credit]


We all love the space needle.  Seattle's most prominent icon.  

However, the city's newest attraction is The Great Seattle Wheel.  

My cousin and me -- down by the waterfront

Go at sunset and bring a camera.  It's impossible to take a bad photo of the gorgeous city line.


Sunny days in Seattle are always celebrated.  So when it's not raining and the clouds disappear everyone's outside jogging, biking, and exploring the great outdoors.  

Every morning I went for a jog/power walk around Seward Park which sits along Lake Washington.  Pictures can't capture the sights you'll see.


Of course vacations are a great excuse to pamper yourself.  I checked in at the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute on Capitol Hill, one of Seattle's hip and trendy neighborhoods.  

A snapshot of Capitol Hill [photo credit]

It's a student training institute, so the prices are unbeatable.  

Afterwards, check out the area's nightlife.  I heard it's pretty great.

My next post is for all of the foodies out there!  Be sure to check back in for my favorite places to wine and dine throughout the city.

Until next time...

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