Monday, September 10, 2012

FASHION: It's all about FALL!


Now that Labor Day is behind us, summer is officially over, but don't fret my fellow fashionistas, because right now it's ALL ABOUT FALL! While there are so many cool looks to experiment with this season, below are my top trends for Fall 2012

As far as colors go, DEEP GREEN and BORDEAUX shades are where it's at! We all know that colored denim was hot hot hot this summer, and deep green and bordeaux are the perfect colors to transition your denim from summer to fall. Also, don't be scared to play with these colors by incorporating them into your wardrobe through shoes and handbags! 

When shopping for jewelry this fall, head straight towards the statement pieces. The great thing about STATEMENT JEWELRY is that there are so many options. Between the necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, there's something for everyone!

One of my personal favorite trends that is so hot right now are CAT EYE SUNGLASSES.  They have such a retro, chic feel, which always translates to the one wearing them! Some people may not think this look can work for them, but don't automatically rule it out… Cat eye sunglasses come in a variety of shapes and colors, so why not experiment with the different styles to see if they're right for you?!

Everyone loves a great pair of ballet flats, but this season it's all about the SMOKING SLIPPER! I know, I know, when you think of smoking slippers you probably think of Hugh Hefner, but not to worry… Smoking slippers are a super hip addition to any outfit, especially skinny jeans and a blazer!

I have one word for you: PEPLUM. You cannot walk into a store these days and not see the peplum trend on display! Now, I will admit that peplum is definitely not for everyone, and probably not for girls like me who are very short. But for you not-so-short girls out there (hint hint, Linnie!), don't hesitate to rock the peplum! Although dresses are probably the most commonly seen and perhaps easiest way to go, this trend also comes in shirts, jackets, and skirts.

Attention to detail has always been a huge part of fashion, and the BROCADE and BAROQUE trend is no exception! These designs have a regal-like feel, and who doesn't want to feel like a queen? Whether it's brocade-printed denim or a baroque-inspired dress, this trend is sophistication at its finest! 

Of course, I've saved the best for last: LEATHER. How can you go wrong with leather? (The answer is, you can't!) Although good quality leather can be pricy, it is well worth the money, as it is a wardrobe staple that is timeless--it never goes out of style! Leather can be done is so many cool ways, there are an endless amount of possibilities. From leggings and skinny pants to skirts and dresses, leather is always a go-to for today's fashionistas! This year, designers have taken the trend one step further by introducing leather "sweatpants," a slouchier yet oh-so-hip way to wear leather pants… I must admit, I'm dying for a pair! 

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  1. Love it! Those Dior Cat Eye Sunglasses need to find their way into my closet.

    1. Aren't they fabulous!?

      I'm currently looking for a few of these fashion trends... in a more budget friendly price range... I'll let you know what I find!


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