Friday, May 18, 2012

FUN: Carly takes the stage!

I was amazed to see my dear friend, Carly, perform on the open stage for the first time.

I always knew a big part of her heart belonged to the performing arts, but I finally had the chance to see her work her magic!

Vanessa and I were thrilled to go out and support one of our best friends at Raleigh's Burning Coal Theatre.  

For weeks, she's been rehearsing and preparing for her role in the show, For Colored Girls, and I can tell her hard work has paid off.

The show is definitely more on the dramatic side, touching upon real life issues that impact minority women across the country. 

I'm glad I got a chance to see it, especially since this is the last weekend it's running. 

It's not too late to buy tickets!  
More details {here}

As for Carly, I'm already looking forward to seeing her next show!  She's already lined up to perform in Light on the Horizon in June! 
(It's about the impact the oil spill in the Gulf had nearby residents)
More details {here}


  1. Thank you for coming out Linnie! It was so wonderful to have my dearest friends out in the audience! I'm so blessed to have such supportive people around me! Oh yeah...and I LOVED the green balloons!

  2. You did a fantastic job Carly! We are so proud of you. Keep reaching for the stars!


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